Things to do in Cody Wyoming

Cody Wyoming Local Area Guide near Yellowstone Park: Things to do / Activities / Attractions

The past is always present in Cody Country. This part of Wyoming represents the last of the true West. Cody is what America was, a place where the cowboy culture thrives and where the new west begins. The vistas are spectacular, the land is wild, the people are genuinely friendly and the opportunities for outdoor adventure, recreation, education and entertainment are as large and varied as the Wyoming skies. 

Cody Country has a well developed hospitality industry with varied lodging opportunities, fine dining, world class museums and western activities. We are the only gateway community with two entrances to Yellowstone National Park and Cody is the hub for several loop tour drives that access five different Scenic Byways.


Yellowstone National Park is just around the corner


Looking for the next great escape? Try some of these fun filled activities to keep your western vacation action packed!


Cody is home to a variety of dining establishments that are sure to please every appetite! Let the spirit of world famous "Buffalo Bill" Cody and his Wild West tingle your taste buds and inhabit your soul.

Events & Entertainment

Enjoy numerous local events during your stay in Cody! From the world famous Cody Nite Rodeo, to summer concerts, fairs and festivals, and parades, there`s something for everyone!